Services & Industry

Whether you have an existing counterfeiting issue or are seeking protection for a patent pending product, whether your project is large or small, we have access to an arsenal of solutions that can be exclusively and discreetly customized to match all of your security, cost, and production needs.

We accompany our clients until they are fully satisfied with the solution and their security concerns have been eliminated. This includes:

  • Consultation
  • Implementation
  • Training & Education
  • In-field Research & Market Analysis
  • Supply Chain Tracing & Management

At client request, we do extensive field-testing and training for personnel who ultimately handle our technology. 

Joel handles security, cost, and production needs across any scale large or small. We have clients in a variety of industries including:

Pharmaceuticals | Electronics | Mechanics
Fashion | Government | Automotives
Food | Beverage & Tobacco | Luxury Items
Packaging & Label Making | Sports Equipment | Toys
Chemicals | Documentation | Cosmetics
Artwork | Publishing | Audio/Visual Works
Home & Personal Care Items | Law enforcement/customs
Software & Hardware